The Encyclopedia of World History.  2001.
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VI. The World Wars and the Interwar Period, 1914–1945
     A. Global and Comparative Dimensions
          1. Emerging Global Relationships
               a. Developing Global Institutions and Structures
               b. Globally Competing Ideologies
          2. Nationalist Options
               a. Globalization of Culture
          3. International Relations
               a. The Post–World War I Era
               b. The Era of the Great Depression
          4. Science
               a. Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy
               b. Chemistry, Biology, Geology
          5. Technological Developments
               a. Energy and Materials
               b. Materials and Construction
               c. Machines and Industrial Techniques
               d. Agricultural Production and Food Technology
               e. Transportation and Communication
     B. World War I, 1914–1918
          1. The Western Front, 1914–1915
          2. The Eastern Front, 1914–1915
          3. The War at Sea, 1914–1915
          4. The Balkan Situation, 1914–1915
          5. The Intervention of Italy, 1915
          6. The Middle East, 1914–1918
          7. The Western Front, 1916–1917
          8. The Eastern Front, 1916–1917
          9. The Italian Front, 1916
          10. The Balkan Front, 1916–1917
               a. Greece
               b. Romania
          11. The War at Sea, 1916–1917
          12. The War in the Air, 1914–1918
          13. The War in the Colonies, 1914–1918
          14. Peace Negotiations, 1916–1917, and the Intervention of the United States, 1917
          15. The Settlements in Eastern Europe, 1917–1918
          16. The End of the Habsburg Monarchy
          17. Operations in the West, 1918
          18. The Peace Settlements
               a. The Treaty of Versailles
               b. The Treaty of Saint-Germain
               c. The Treaty of Neuilly
               d. The Treaty of Trianon
               e. The Treaty of Sèvres
          Military Summary
               The Western Front, 1914–1915
               The Eastern Front, 1914–1915
               The War at Sea, 1914–1915
               The Balkans, 1915–1916
               The Italian Front, 1914
               The Western Front, 1916–1917
               The Eastern Front, 1916–1917
               The Italian Front, 1916–1917
               The Balkan Front, 1916–1917
               The War at Sea, 1916–1918
               The Western Front, 1918
     C. Europe, 1919–1945
          1. Economic and Social Changes
          2. Intellectual and Religious Trends
          3. Culture and Popular Culture
          4. European Diplomacy and the Depression, 1919–1939
          5. The British Isles
               a. Great Britain
               b. Ireland
          6. The Low Countries
               a. Belgium
               b. The Netherlands
          7. France
          8. The Iberian Peninsula
               a. Spain
               b. Portugal
          9. Italy and the Papacy
          10. Switzerland
          11. Germany
          12. Austria
          13. Czechoslovakia
          14. Hungary
          15. The Scandinavian States
               a. Overview
               b. Denmark
               c. Norway
               d. Sweden
               e. Finland
               f. Iceland
          16. Russia (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
          17. The Baltic States
               a. Overview
               b. Lithuania
               c. Latvia
               d. Estonia
          18. Poland
          19. The Balkan States
               a. Yugoslavia
               b. Albania
               c. Greece
               d. Bulgaria
               e. Romania
     D. North America, 1915–1945
          1. The United States
          2. The Dominion of Canada
          3. Newfoundland
     E. Latin America and the Caribbean, 1914–1945
          1. Overview
               a. Regional Diplomacy
               b. Cultural Developments
          2. South America
               a. Argentina
               b. Chile
               c. Paraguay
               d. Uruguay
               e. Bolivia
               f. Peru
               g. Ecuador
               h. Colombia
               i. Venezuela
               j. Brazil
          3. Central America
               a. Overview
               b. Panama
               c. Guatemala
               d. El Salvador
               e. Nicaragua
               f. Costa Rica
               g. Honduras
          4. Mexico
          5. The West Indies
               a. Cuba
               b. Puerto Rico
               c. The Virgin Islands
               d. The Dominican Republic
               e. Haiti
     F. The Middle East and North Africa, 1914–1945
          1. Overview
          2. The Middle East
               a. The Ottoman Empire and Turkey
               b. Iran (Persia)
               c. Afghanistan
               d. Egypt
               e. Syria
               f. Lebanon
               g. Palestine
               h. Transjordan
               i. Iraq
               j. States of the Arabian Peninsula
          3. North Africa
               a. Morocco
               b. Algeria
               c. Tunisia
               d. Libya
     G. South and Southeast Asia, 1914–1945
          1. India
          2. Southeast Asia
               a. Mainland Southeast Asia
               b. Peninsular and Island Southeast Asia
     H. East Asia, 1902–1945
          1. Overview
          2. China, 1914–1945
          3. Mongolian People's Republic, 1911–1926
          4. Korea, 1910–1945
          5. Japan, 1914–1945
          6. Vietnam, 1902–1945
     I. The Pacific Region, 1914–1945
          1. The Pacific Islands
          2. The Philippines
          3. Australia
          4. New Zealand
     J. Africa, 1914–1945
          1. Overview
          2. Regions
               a. Sudanic West and Central Africa
               b. Forest West Africa
               c. Northeast Africa (Horn)
               d. East Africa
               e. West Central Africa
               f. Southern Africa
               g. Madagascar
     K. World War II, 1939–1945
          1. The Campaigns in Poland and Finland, 1939–1940
          2. The Invasion of Denmark and Norway, 1940
          3. The Conquest of the Low Countries and the Fall of France, 1940
          4. The Battle of Britain, 1940
          5. The Balkan Campaigns, 1940–1941
          6. The Campaigns in the Soviet Union, 1941–1944
          7. Defense of the Western Hemisphere, 1939–1945
          8. Naval Warfare and Blockade, 1939–1944
          9. The Campaigns in the Middle East and Africa, 1939–1943
          10. The Invasion of Italy, 1943–1944
          11. The Liberation of France and Belgium, 1944
          12. The Battle of Germany, 1945
          13. The War in Asia, 1939–1941
          14. The War in the Pacific, 1941–1945
          15. The Organization of Peace
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