The Encyclopedia of World History.  2001.
Table of Contents
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VII. The Contemporary Period, 1945–2000
     A. General and Comparative Dimensions
          1. Changing Global Patterns
               a. Changing Structures of Global Power
               b. Globalization of Material Life
               c. Globalization and Special Identities
          2. International Relations
               a. Rise of the Cold War and End of Empires
               b. New Global Relationships
     B. Europe, 1945–2000
          1. Economic and Social Changes
          2. Religious and Philosophical Thought
          3. Culture and Popular Culture
          4. Science and Technology
          5. Diplomatic Relations and European Pacts
          6. Western Europe, 1945–2000
               a. Britain
               b. Ireland (Eire)
               c. The Low Countries
               d. France
               e. The Iberian Peninsula
               f. The Italian Region
               g. Switzerland
               h. Germany
               i. Austria
               j. The Scandinavian States
          7. Eastern Europe, 1945–2000
               a. Poland
               b. Czech Republic and Slovakia (Czechoslovakia)
               c. Hungary
               d. Yugoslavia and Successor States
               e. Albania
               f. Greece
               g. Bulgaria
               h. Romania
               i. Russia (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Successor States)
     C. North America, 1946–2000
          1. The United States, 1946–2000
          2. Canada, 1946–2000
     D. Latin America, 1945–2000
          1. Overview
               a. Cultural Developments
               b. Regional Diplomacy
          2. South America, 1945–2000
               a. Argentina
               b. Chile
               c. Paraguay
               d. Uruguay
               e. Bolivia
               f. Peru
               g. Ecuador
               h. Colombia
               i. Venezuela
               j. Brazil
               k. Surinam
          3. Central America, 1945–2000
               a. Panama
               b. Guatemala
               c. El Salvador
               d. Nicaragua
               e. Costa Rica
               f. Honduras
          4. Mexico, 1946–2000
               a. Cuba
               b. Puerto Rico
               c. The Dominican Republic
               d. Haiti
               e. British Caribbean Territories and Guyana (British Guiana)
     E. The Middle East and North Africa, 1945–2000
          1. Overview
          2. Military, Diplomatic, and Social Developments
          3. The Middle East and Egypt, 1943–2000
               a. Turkey
               b. Cyprus
               c. Iran
               d. Afghanistan
               e. Syria
               f. Lebanon
               g. Palestine and Israel
               h. Jordan
               i. Iraq
               j. Saudi Arabia
               k. North and South Yemen
               1. The Gulf States
               m. Egypt
          4. North Africa, 1945–2000
               a. Morocco
               b. Algeria
               c. Tunisia
               d. Libya
     F. South and Southeast Asia, 1945–2000
          1. South Asia, 1945–2000
               a. Overview
               b. British India, to Independence and Partition
               c. The Republic of India
               d. Pakistan
               e. Bangladesh
               f. Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
               g. Maldives
               h. Nepal
          2. Southeast Asia, 1941–2000
               a. Overview
               b. Mainland Southeast Asia
               c. The Malay Archipelago and Peninsular Malaysia
     G. East Asia, 1945–2000
          1. China, 1945–2000
               a. The Civil War
               b. The People's Republic of China (PRC)
               c. The Republic of China (Taiwan, Nationalist China)
          2. The Republic of Mongolia (The Mongolian People's Republic), 1945–2000
          3. Korea (North and South), 1945–2000
          4. Japan, 1946–2000
          5. Vietnam, 1945–2000
     H. The Pacific Region, 1944–2000
          1. The Islands, 1946–2000
          2. The Philippines, 1945–2000
          3. Australia, 1944–2000
          4. New Zealand, 1945–2000
     I. Africa, 1941–2000
          1. Overview
          2. Regions
               a. West Africa
               b. Northeast Africa (Horn)
               c. East Africa
               d. West Central Africa
               e. Southern Africa
               f. Madagascar
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