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b. Portugal
1914, Nov. 23
The Portuguese national assembly voted to join Great Britain and France in the war against Germany, but action in accord with this vote was delayed by a coup.  1
1915, Jan. 28–May 14
The insurrection and dictatorship of Gen. Pimenta de Castro, representing a pro-German faction in the army. This coup had the support of President Arriaga. He in turn was overthrown by a democratic revolt on May 14.  2
Bernardino Machado became president on the resignation of President Arriaga.  3
1916, March 9
GERMANY DECLARED WAR ON PORTUGAL after the seizure of German ships in the harbor of Lisbon. The Portuguese organized an expeditionary force, which arrived in France on Feb. 3, 1917, and took over a small sector of the front.  4
1917, Dec. 5
Gen. Sidonio Pes led another pro-German uprising, arrested and deported the president, and made himself president-dictator.  5
1918, Dec. 14
Pes was assassinated by a radical, whereupon the democratic regime was reestablished. The situation in the country continued to be utterly confused. In a land that was still 65 percent illiterate the democratic system did not function well. One cabinet relieved another, the average duration of governments being about four months. Insurrections and coups were hardly less numerous. The financial condition of the country, long parlous, went from bad to worse. Multiplication of offices, widespread political corruption, and appalling inefficiency characterized the decade from 1918 to 1928.  6
1919, Jan. 19–Feb. 14
A royalist uprising in the north assumed substantial proportions but was ultimately suppressed.  7
May 6
The Allied supreme council assigned to Portugal the mandate for part of German East Africa, known as the Kionga Triangle.  8
Aug. 5
Antonio José de Almeida became president.  9
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