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(See 1914, May 20)
b. Iran (Persia)
Arrival of the Iranian delegation at the Paris peace conference. The Iranian representatives sought the termination of the Capitulations, war reparations, and the cancellation of the 1907 Agreement. In addition, they demanded that the western border of Iran be fixed at the Euphrates River in the west and that it extend to the Oxus River in the northeast. At British insistence, the delegation was not officially recognized in Paris.  1
Aug. 9
Anglo-Iranian agreement, amounting in reality to the establishment of a British protectorate. The British promised to guarantee Iran's independence and territorial integrity, and offered material and technical aid to the government.  2
Within Iran, opposition to the treaty quickly mounted. The national assembly (Majlis) never approved it, and in 1921 the government officially repudiated it.  3
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