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(See 1913, July 29)
b. Albania
The major concern of Albanian patriots during World War I was to retain independence and the borders agreed upon before the war (1912 proclamation of independence and provisional government, recognized by Treaty of London, May 30, 1913). In this effort they were aided by Albanian Americans, who underwrote lobbyists in the major capitals of Europe. The newly independent Albania was invaded and overrun by most of its neighbors during the war.  1
1918, Dec. 25
A national assembly elected Turkhan Pasha president. The government had to deal with the incursions of the Yugoslavs in the north and the Italians on the coast.  2
1920, Aug. 2
Italy agreed to evacuate Valona while retaining the island of Saseno. The Italians left on Sept. 2. But Greece and Yugoslavia maintained troops in Albania until 1922.  3
Dec. 17
Albania was admitted to the League of Nations.  4
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