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The Balkan Front, 1916–1917
Aug. 2–21
Battle of Doiran. The Allies began to advance against the Bulgarians on the Saloniki front.  1
Aug. 17–19
Battle of Florina. The Bulgars and Germans counterattacked and pushed back the Saloniki forces. They took Seres (Aug. 19), Drama, and Kavalla (Sept. 18), where the fourth Greek army corps voluntarily surrendered.  2
Aug. 28
The Romanians began the invasion of Transylvania and took Kronstadt (Brasov) and Hermannstadt (Sibiu).  3
Sept. 27–29
Austro-German forces, hastily assembled in Transylvania and commanded by Falkenhayn, counterattacked and surrounded the Romanians at Hermannstadt (battle of Sibiu).  4
Sept. 26–Nov. 23
A Bulgarian-German force under Gen. August von Mackensen began operations in Dobrudja. Silistria was taken (Sept. 10), then Constantza (Oct. 22) and Cernavoda (Oct. 25).  5
Oct. 5–Dec. 11
The Allied forces under Sarrail began a great offensive in Macedonia (first battle of Monastir). Monastir (Bitolje) was taken (Nov. 19), and the Allies pushed forward as far as Lake Okhrid.  6
Oct. 7–9
Battle of Kronstadt (Brasov). The Austro-German forces retook the city and advanced to the Carpathian passes.  7
Nov. 10–14
Falkenhayn forced the Vulcan Pass into Romania and began the invasion of Wallachia.  8
Nov. 23
Mackensen's troops crossed the Danube at Sistova and advanced toward Bucharest, as did Falkenhayn coming from Craiova.  9
Dec. 1–5
A Romanian counterattack on the Arges River failed (battle of Argesul).  10
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