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12. The War in the Air, 1914–1918
Although only France had done much before the war to develop the military use of the airplane, throughout the war the British and the Germans were the main antagonists.  1
1914, Aug. 30
The First German airplane raid on Paris.  2
Sept. 22, Oct. 8, Nov. 21
British airplanes raided the German flying-fields at Düsseldorf, Köln, and Friedrichshafen.  3
Dec. 21
The first German air raid on England (Dover).  4
On the western front, and on other fronts to a lesser extent, the airplane was used for reconnaissance, but almost immediately (Sept. 1914) experiments were made by the British in wireless communication between airplanes and artillery, in aerial photography, and in bomb-dropping. There was not much aerial combat until the middle of 1915.  5
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