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j. States of the Arabian Peninsula
1914. Nov. 3
Kuwaiti independence under British protection.  1
1915, Dec. 26
Treaty between IBN SA‘UD and the colonial government of India. The Indian government recognized Najd and several territories along the Persian Gulf as the independent possessions of Ibn Sa‘ud.  2
1916, Nov. 3
British treaty with Qatar, making it a veiled protectorate.  3
1918, Dec
Surrender of the Ottoman garrison in Yemen, which had successfully repelled all British attacks and reached within 20 miles of Aden. Several members of the former Ottoman bureaucracy agreed to stay in Yemen and work for IMAM YAHYA, who was maneuvering to become ruler of the northern half of Yemen.  4
After being rebuffed in negotiations by Imam Yahya, the British awarded the region of Tihama, including the city of al-Hudayda, to the tribal ruler of Asir.  5
Treaty of Sib, mediated by Great Britain. The sultan of Oman relinquished the right to intervene in tribal affairs in the Omani interior.  6
Saudi conquest of Asir.  7
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