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b. Denmark
CHRISTIAN X, king.  1
1915, June
A new constitution was adopted, instituting universal suffrage and more popular representation in the Landsting. The new electoral laws made it difficult to form governments, however, and a rapid succession of ministries followed.  2
1916, Aug. 4
Sale of the Danish West Indies to the United States. The transaction was approved by a Danish plebiscite on Dec. 14.  3
1918, Feb
Protesting the rising cost of living, the unemployed, led by the syndicalist trade unions, staged an attack on the stock exchange in Copenhagen.  4
April 22
Elections. Under the new system the Conservatives secured 23 seats, the Left (Liberals) 45, the Radicals 33, and the Socialists 39. The government was formed by a coalition of Radicals and Socialists.  5
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