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(See 1876–83)
g. Honduras
1916, March
Francisco Bertrand became president following a successful revolution.  1
1919, Aug
Insurrection of Rafael López Gutiérrez, a Liberal. President Bertrand was obliged to flee, and U.S. Marines were landed (Sept 11). Through American mediation a civil war was avoided.  2
Gutiérrez became president. The elections of 1923 proved to be indecisive, however.  3
1924, Feb. 1
Gutiérrez then established a dictatorship. The Conservatives, under TIBURCIO CARÍAS ANDINO (1876–1960), rose in revolt and marched on the capital. The U.S. severed relations with Gutiérrez and landed more troops. Gutiérrez was killed (March 10).  4
March 31
The insurgents occupied the capital. Through U.S. mediation (mission of Sumner Welles) agreement was reached between Honduras and its neighbors, depriving insurgent bands of their bases (pact of Amapala, May 3). Vicente Tosta became provisional president, and he suppressed an attempt at further revolution by Gregorio Ferrara (Aug.–Oct.). A new constitution was then framed.  5
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