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The Italian Front, 1916–1917
Feb. 15–March 17
The fifth battle of the Isonzo, which, like the previous engagements, led to no substantial change.  1
May 15–June 3
The Austrian offensive in the Trentino. The Italians were taken by surprise and yielded Asiago and Arsiero (May 31). But the Austrians lacked sufficient forces to break through, the more so as the Italians hastily brought up reserves from the Isonzo front. The Italian lines held, and by June 17 a counteroffensive was launched. When this came to a close (July 7), most of the territory had been recovered.  2
Aug. 6–17
Sixth battle of the Isonzo. The Italians finally took Gorizia (Aug. 9).  3
Sept. 14–18
Seventh battle of the Isonzo.  4
Oct. 9–12
Eighth battle of the Isonzo.  5
Oct. 31–Nov. 4
Ninth battle of the Isonzo.  6
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