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(See 1939, Dec. 23)
f. Honduras
1948, Oct. 10
Pres. Tiburcio Carías, after 15 years of dictatorship, supported the election of Nationalist candidate Juan Manuel Gálvez.  1
1954, April 30
In response to United Fruit's refusal to pay dock workers for overtime, 50,000 laborers under the leadership of banana workers launched a 69-day strike that paralyzed the nation. They gained the right to unionize and wage concessions. However, strike leaders were arrested, and the banana companies began to mechanize, thereby laying off workers.  2
In the aftermath of the strike, the Honduran government signed a treaty with the U.S. that allowed for U.S. military exercises on Honduran soil.  3
Dec. 5
Control of the country was taken over by acting president Julio Lozano Días.  4
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