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b. Regional Diplomacy
1945, Feb
Latin American and American leaders met in Mexico City for the Chapultepec Conference to discuss postwar cooperation. The U.S. indicated that European recovery had top priority and that, although it intended to protect its own producers, it wanted an open door for investment and trade in the region. The Latin Americans opposed the U.S. position.  1
1947, Sept. 2
The Inter-American Mutual Assistance Treaty was adopted by the Inter-American conference meeting at Rio. It provided for mutual assistance against aggression.  2
1948, April 30
The Ninth Pan-American Conference, at Bogotá, established the Organization of American States (OAS) as a regional grouping under the UN. The Inter-American Conference became the supreme authority of the OAS, and the Pan-American Union its secretariat.  3
Dec. 13
The OAS charter went into effect upon ratification by Colombia, the 14th state.  4
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