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(See 1943, May 14)
c. Tunisia
1946, Jan
Founding of the Union Générale des Travailleurs Tunisiens (UGTT), under the direction of FERHAT HACHED. It was the first major trade union in Tunisian history. Membership soon reached over 150,000 workers.  1
1951, Oct
Tunisian prime minister Muhammad Shanniq traveled to Paris to demand independence tempered by close economic, cultural, and military ties with France. The French officially rejected his proposal on Dec. 15.  2
Formation of Tunisian guerrilla bands in the mountains. In response, the settlers organized the Red Hand, their own terrorist organization, which attacked Tunisian political leaders. The most famous victim of the settlers was Ferhat Hached (assassinated on Dec. 12, 1954), leader of the UGTT.  3
Jan. 18
Arrest of neo-Destour leaders, including Habib Bourguiba, after extensive rioting (Jan. 15). The French resident-general had provoked demonstrations by ordering al-Amin Bey to dismiss the Tunisian government. When the bey refused, French authorities arrested Prime Minister Shanniq (March 25).  4
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