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(See 1942, Jan 29)
c. Iran
Founding of the Fada'iyan-i Islam by Navvab Safavi. It became the first religious organization to advocate the creation of an Islamic state. The movement involved itself in political violence, including the assassinations of writer Ahmad Kasravi (1946) and the shah's minister of court, Abd al-Husayn Hazhir (1949). It gradually faded from the scene in the 1950s, especially after the arrest and execution of Safavi (1956).  1
Outbreak of a revolt in Azerbaijan. The insurrection was organized by the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan, founded in Sept. 1945 and led by Ja`far Pishavari, who became prime minister in Dec.  2
The Azeri government proposed radical reforms, including land and labor reforms, and made Azeri the official language of government and education. The young regime rapidly collapsed after the return of Iranian troops to Azerbaijan (Dec. 1946).  3
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