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c. The Republic of India
1947, Aug. 15
The Dominion of India was inaugurated in Delhi, with Pandit Tawaherlal Nehru as prime minister and Lord Mountbatten as governor-general. Most of the Indian states (princely and chiefly), notably excepting Hyderabad, Kashmir, and Junagadh, acceded to the new dominion for defense, external affairs, and communications, while retaining their internal sovereignties.  1
Oct. 26
The government of India admitted Kashmir into the Indian Union, thus precipitating a crisis with Pakistan, since Kashmir contained a majority of Muslims.  2
Nov. 9
The Indian government assumed control over the administration of the state of Junagadh.  3
Dec. 30
After vain attempts to solve the conflict over Kashmir, the dispute was referred to the UN. Sporadic fighting continued in Kashmir between Indian and Muslim forces.  4
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