VII. The Contemporary Period, 1945–2000 > D. Latin America, 1945–2000 > 2. South America, 1945–2000
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(See 1944, Jan 27)
2. South America, 1945–2000
a. Argentina
1945, Oct. 9
With the country polarized over Juan Perón's labor concessions and advocacy of the poor, the military (supported by big business, the landed elites, as well as Socialists and Radicals) mounted a coup. Perón was jailed.  1
Oct. 17
A rally of more than a quarter of a million workers in Buenos Aires, supported by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), forced the release of Perón. He then formed the Labor Party and vowed to run for president. During this time EVA DUARTE DE PERÓN (1919–52), Perón's wife, grew to national prominence for her activism and advocacy for the lower classes.  2
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