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(See 1943, Aug. 29)
g. Bulgaria
1945, Nov. 18
The first general election gave overwhelming support to the single list of the Fatherland Front, a wartime coalition of major parties, by this time under Communist control.  1
In a sweeping purge, more than 1,500 high-ranking men and ten times as many minor figures in the old regime were killed.  2
March 31
Premier Kimon Gueorguiev formed a Communist-dominated government.  3
Sept. 8
A referendum decided against the monarchy.  4
Sept. 15
Bulgaria was proclaimed a PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC. Young Tsar Simeon II went into exile.  5
Oct. 27
General elections for a constituent assembly, carried on with considerable governmental interference, resulted in a Communist majority.  6
Nov. 21
Veteran Communist Georgi Dimitrov returned from Moscow to become premier.  7
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