The Encyclopedia of World History.  2001.
Table of Contents
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IV. The Early Modern Period, 1500–1800
     A. Global and Comparative Dimensions
          1. New-Style Empires and States, 1500–1700
               a. Gunpowder Empires
               b. Other Emerging States
               c. European National Monarchies
               d. The New Context of the 18th Century
          2. Transformations of Major World Societies, 1500–1800
               a. Commercialization
               b. Worldview Reformations
          3. Global Interaction Networks
               a. The Emerging World Economy
               b. The Exchange of New Products
               c. The Spread of Diseases
     B. Early Modern Europe, 1479–1815
          1. Europe, 1479–1675
               a. Overview
               b. England, Scotland, and Ireland
               c. The Netherlands
               d. France
               e. The Iberian Peninsula
               f. Italy
               g. The German Empire
               h. Scandinavia
               i. Russia
               j. Poland-Lithuania
               k. Bohemia
               l. Hungary
          2. Science and Learning, 1450–1700
               a. Science
               b. Inventions and Technology
          3. Europe, 1648–1814
               a. Economic and Social Changes
               b. Intellectual Developments
               c. Culture and Popular Culture
               d. Science and Technology
          4. European Diplomacy and Wars, 1648–1795
          5. National Patterns, 1648–1815
               a. England, Scotland, and Ireland
               b. The Dutch Republic
               c. France
               d. The Iberian Peninsula
               e. Italy and the Papacy
               f. The Swiss Confederation
               g. The Holy Roman Empire
               h. Scandinavia
               i. Poland
               j. Russia
     C. The Middle East and North Africa, 1500–1800
               1. Overview
          2. The Middle East, 1501–1808
               a. The Ottoman Empire
               b. Iran
               c. Afghanistan
               d. Arabia
          3. North Africa, 1504–1799
               a. Morocco
               b. Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya
     D. South and Southeast Asia, 1500–1800
          1. India, 1500–1800
          2. Southeast Asia, 1500–1800
               a. The Malay Peninsula and Archipelago
               b. Kedah
               c. Aceh
               d. Malaysia, 1509–1790
               e. Maluku (Eastern Indonesia), 1500–17th Century
          3. Mainland Southeast Asia, 1500–1800
               a. Burma
               b. Siam (Ayutthaya)
               c. Cambodia
     E. East Asia, c. 1500–c. 1800
          1. Overview
          2. China, 1522–1796
               a. The Remainder of the Ming Dynasty
               b. The Qing Dynasty
          3. Korea, 1392–1800
          4. Japan, 1542–1793
          5. Vietnam, 1527–1802
     F. The Pacific Region, 1513–1798
          1. The Pacific Islands in Pre-European Times
          2. European Exploration, 1600–1800
          3. The Philippines, 1500–1800
     G. Africa, 1500–1800
          1. Overview
          2. Regions
               a. Sudanic West and Central Africa
               b. Forest West Africa
               c. Northeast Africa (Horn)
               d. East Africa
               e. West Central Africa
               f. Southern Africa
               g. Madagascar
     H. Latin America, 1500–1800
          1. The Spanish Conquest
          2. The Caribbean and the Isthmus, 1499–1531
          3. Venezuela and Nueva Granada, 1521–1549
          4. Peru and the West Coast, 1522–1581
          5. The Río De La Plata
          6. New Spain, 1518–1574
               a. The Conquest of Mexico
               b. Expansion to the South
               c. Expansion to the North and the Pacific Coast
               d. The Gulf Coast, Florida, and the Carolinas
          7. Foreign Encroachments and Territorial Changes, 1580–1800
          8. The Spanish Colonial System, 1550–1800
               a. Population Development
               b. Administration
               c. The Church and the Missions
               d. Economic Conditions
               e. Social and Cultural Evolution
               f. Insurrections
          9. Portuguese America, 1500–1815
          10. The Portuguese Colonial System
     I. North America, 1500–1789
          1. Overview
          2. Exploration and Settlement, 1500–1719
               a. The French in North America
               b. The English in North America
               c. Dutch and Swedish Settlements
          3. Colonial History, 1641–1737
               a. New England
               b. New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania
               c. Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland
               d. The Southern Colonies
          4. Wars of England with France and Spain, 1651–1763
          5. Reform, Resistance, and Revolution, 1763–1789
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