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1922, June 30
Agreement between the Dominican government and the United States. Because of mounting opposition in the U.S. and an aggressive guerrilla campaign against American forces, the withdrawal of American troops was set for an early date. American rule ended on Oct. 21, and the last marines were withdrawn on Sept. 18, 1924. A provisional government was set up.  1
Horacio Vásquez became president.  2
1924, Sept. 29
The Dominican Republic joined the League of Nations as soon as the last American forces had left.  3
1929, April
A U.S. commission, headed by Charles G. Dawes, at the request of the Dominican government investigated its finances and made recommendations.  4
1930, Feb. 23
An uprising led by National Guard commander Rafael Trujillo toppled President Vásquez.  5
RAFAEL LEONIDAS TRUJILLO (1871–1961), president. An avowed advocate of U.S. interests and commander of the U.S.-sponsored Dominican National Guard, Trujillo would rule the Dominican Republic as a ruthless dictator for 31 years. Over the period of his dictatorship increased sugar and mineral exports allowed Trujillo to pay for expanded public works and other construction projects. Political control, however, was maintained through extensive intelligence networks and brutal suppression of any perceived opposition.  6
Trujillo had the name of the capital changed to Ciudad Trujillo. Always one for self-aggrandizement, Trujillo constructed countless monuments to himself.  7
1937, Oct
The Dominican government drove a large number of immigrant Haitians back over the border, killing as many as 20,000 people in the process. This led to protests and demands for reparation from the Haitian government, which invoked American conciliation treaties for settlement of the dispute. By this method an agreement was arrived at (Jan. 31, 1938).  8
1938, May 17
Jacinto B. Peynardo was elected president after Trujillo announced his forthcoming retirement.  9
1941, Dec. 8
The Dominican Republic declared war on Japan, and shortly after (Dec. 11) on Germany and Italy.  10
Dominican women received the vote. (See The Dominican Republic)  11
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