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1995, April 4
Muslim separatists attacked the town of Ipil. They wanted a Muslim state on the island of Mindanao. About 52 were killed in the attacks.  1
1998, May 11
Former action film star Joseph Estrada was elected president after Gen. Ramos declined the opportunity to run for reelection. The ruling LAKAS Party, however, won a majority of the seats in the lower house elections.  2
1999, Nov. 24
A pact resolving the conflict of the Philippines with China over the Spratly Islands was signed.  3
2000, March 20–July 16
The Philippines government clashed with the rebel group the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, which battled the army and took hostages in several incidents. A number of deaths occurred.  4
Sept. 16
Estrada's government began a military assault against the Muslim guerrilla group Abu Sayyaf that was holding 21 international tourists hostage on Jolo Island. Abu Sayyaf demanded monetary compensation and declared itself to be fighting for an independent Islamic state. Fishing rights issues also played a part in sparking the rebel activity. Estrada's massive military offensive, aimed at rescuing the hostages, proved unsuccessful; his public support plummeted amid charges of rampant corruption.  5
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