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1961, May 30
Gen. Trujillo was assassinated in Ciudad Trujillo by a group led by Gen. Juan Tomas Dias. The group used CIA-supplied weapons.  1
Sept. 21
Yielding to popular pressure, Pres. Balaguer initiated steps toward more democratic government.  2
Nov. 18–19
Gen. Rafael L. Trujillo, Jr., and other members of the Trujillo family left the country amid labor strikes and reports of a threatened military coup. They took with them a substantial portion of the treasury.  3
Dec. 19–20
After prolonged strikes and demonstrations, Pres. Balaguer and the opposition National Civic Union reached a political agreement, pledging to hold general elections no later than Dec. 20, 1962. U.S. president John F. Kennedy praised the settlement on Dec. 20 and promised U.S. support.  4
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