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1868, June 10
Michael was assassinated by conspirators aiming to restore Alexander Karageorgevich. But Michael's chief adviser, Iliya Garasanin, anticipated them, roused the garrison, and had the assassins arrested.  1
Serbia first minted its own currency.  2
MILAN, cousin of Michael, was appointed prince with a regency that undertook the revision of the constitution (1869) in a liberal sense, to meet the growing demands of nationalist organizations.  3
1876, July
Serbia declared war on the Ottoman Empire (See June–1877, March), following the insurrection in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This unleashed the rampant nationalism of the government (Jovan Ristich) and of the country. The Serbs were defeated.  4
1878, July 13
The TREATY OF BERLIN made Serbia completely independent, but Serbia received only slight increase of territory, and the coveted provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina were occupied by Austria.  5
1881, June 28
Serbia signed a secret treaty with Austria, giving the latter virtually a protectorate over Serbia (See June 28). A commercial accord provided for the construction of rail lines from Belgrade to Nis and Vranje. Further commercial agreements were halted by Hungary's refusal to allow Serbian wheat across the border. Nonetheless, the economic agreements between Austria-Hungary and Serbia favored Austrian manufacturing and retarded Serbian economic growth.  6
1882, March 6
Milan proclaimed himself king, with Austrian support.  7
1883, Jan
A national bank was founded.  8
Milan's refusal to call the victorious Radical Party to power (Nicholas Pashich, leader) combined with bad economic conditions to produce the Timok Rebellion, the largest peasant revolt of the century. It was crushed by the army.  9
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