VII. The Contemporary Period, 1945–2000 > B. Europe, 1945–2000 > 6. Western Europe, 1945–2000 > d. France > 2000, March 27
  The Encyclopedia of World History.  2001.
2000, March 27
Prime Minister Lionel Jospin responded to public criticism of his Socialist-led government's inability to implement reforms by replacing four of his cabinet ministers.  1
Sept. 4
Protests over rising fuel prices began in France; truckers and other motorists blockaded refineries and service stations. The spirit of rebellion spread, and protests broke out across Europe.  2
Sept. 24
In a national referendum in which only 30 percent of the French electorate participated, voters approved a proposal to reduce the term of the president from seven to five years.  3
Dec. 20
The French National Assembly voted to reverse the order of spring 2002 elections, placing the presidential vote before the one for Parliament.  4
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