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e. Newfoundland, 1878–1914
The government loaned $1 million to create a railway from St. John's to Hall's Bay; it was completed to Harbour Grace (1884); after financial difficulties, construction was taken over by Mr. R. G. Reid (1893) and built to Port-aux-Basques.  1
The Bait Act took effect, after considerable controversy and the protests of the French government. It prohibited capture in Newfoundland waters of bait fish for exportation or sale, except under special license. French retaliations followed until a modus vivendi was enacted (1890). The issue was finally settled in the Anglo-French convention of 1904.  2
Bank failures, insolvency, and severe financial depression. Canadian banks replaced former government institutions. A delegation was sent to Ottawa to discuss union with Canada. Canada objected to assuming all of Newfoundland's $16 million in debt, and negotiations were broken off.  3
Resignation of Sir James Winter; succeeded by Mr. (later Sir) Robert Bond.  4
1906, Oct
Modus vivendi with the United States followed difficulties with fishing rights under the Treaty of 1818. The dispute was referred to the Hague tribunal, and an award (Sept. 1910) allowed Great Britain (Newfoundland) the right to make regulations subject to the Treaty of 1818 and defined the “three-mile limit” in bays to be from a line across the bay at a point where a distance of ten miles was not exceeded.  5
Resignation of premier Sir Robert Bond; succeeded by Sir Edward P. Morris.  6
1914, Aug. 4
Declaration of war by Great Britain. Newfoundland, like the other members of the empire, supported the mother country and sent troops. (See Newfoundland)  7
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