The Encyclopedia of World History.  2001.
Greek City States
The Roman Empire
The Arab-Muslim Empire, 632 C.E.–750 C.E.
The Mongol Empire
Expansion of the Ottoman Empire
India Before the Muslim Conquest
The Byzantine Empire in the Sixth Century
The Growth of the Kingdom of France
Italy in the 15th Century
Eastern Europe c. 1430
Europe about 1520
Growth of Russia in Europe to 1796
Europe in the 17th Century
The Partitions of Poland, 1772–1795
Colonial Latin America, 1500–1750
Early Settlements on the Continent of North America
The United States during the Revolution
The Arctic Regions
Territorial Claims in the Antarctic
Napoleon‘s Empire, 1812
Europe in 1815
Central Europe, 1815–66
The Unification of Italy, 1860–1870
Europe in 1871
The Balkans, 1878–1914
The Growth of British Power in India
Asia in 1900
Australia and New Zealand
The Partition of Africa&151;1914
The United States During the Confederation Period
The Expansion of the United States
The Civil War, 1860–1865
Dominion of Canada, Formed 1867
Latin American States after the Revolutions
The Western Front
The Eastern Front
The Italian Front
The Middle Eastern Theater of War, 1914–1918
Territorial Changes Following World War I
The German Advance in France, 1940
The German Attack on the Soviet Untion, 1941–1943
South America in 1930
The Middle East between the World Wars
The Pacific Theater of War, 1941–1945
Africa in 1939
Europe in 2000
The Russian Federation (Eastern Europe and Central Asia), 2000
India and Pakistan, 1970
India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, 2000
Southeast Asia in 1970
Southeast Asia in 2000
Africa 2000
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