The Encyclopedia of World History.  2001.
Genealogical Tables
The Julian-Claudian House
Muhammad and the Descent of the Caliphal Dynasties
The Successors of Chinggis Khan (1227–1336)
The Merovingian Kings
The House of Pepin (640–814)
The Carolingian Dynasty (768–987)
The Saxon and Salian Emperors (919–1125)
The Anglo-Saxon Kings of England (802–1066)
The Danish Kings of England (1013–1066)
The Macedonian Emperors (867–1056)
England: The Norman and Plantagenet Kings (1066–1377)
Kings of Scotland (1034–1390)
France: The Capetian Kings (987–1328)
The Welf and Hohenstaufen Families (1056–1268)
The House of Tancred (1057–1287)
Spanish Rules (970–1285)
Portugal: The Burgundian House (1112–1325)
The Grand Princes of Kiev (862–1212)
The Arpad Dynasty of Hungary (907–1301) and the Premyslid Kings of Bohemia (1198–1378)
Seljuk Sultans (1055–1194)
The Comneni and the Angeli (1057–1204)
Kings of Jerusalem (1099–1489)
Latin Emperors of Constantinople (1204–1373)
The Houses of Lancaster and York (1377–1485)
The House of Stuart (1370–1625)
The French Succession (1328)
The House of Castile (1252–1504)
The House of Aragon (1276–1516)
Kings of Portugal (1248–1521)
The House of Anjou (1266–1435)
The Medici Family (1434–1737)
The Visconti and Sforza Families (1310–1535)
The House of Habsburg (1273–1519)
Luxemburg Rulers (1308–1437)
Scandinavian Rulers (1263–1533)
Rulers of Hungary, Poland, and Lithuania (1205–1492)
Grand Princes of Moscow (1176–1505)
The Paleologus Family (1260–1453)
The Last Valois Kings (1498–1589)
The House of Habsburg (1493–1780)
The House of Hanover (1714–1837)
The French Bourbons (1589–1883)
The House of Hohenzollern (1701–1918)
Russian Tsars (1645–1917)
Ottoman Sultans (1451–1648)
Ottoman Sultans (1640–1922)
The Safavid Dynasty
The Mughal Emperors (1526–1858)
The Manchu (Qing) Dynasty (1644–1796)
The Tokugawa Shoguns (1603–1867)
The House of Bonaparte
The House of Saxe-Coburg-Windsor (1837– )
Belgium: The House of Saxe-Coburg (1831– )
The House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1800– )
The House of Bourbon-Orléans (1700– )
The Spanish Bourbons (1814– )
The House of Bernadotte (1818– )
Descendants of Queen Victoria
Kings of Greece: Danish Line (1863– )
Rulers of Serbia (Yugoslavia, 1804–1945)
The Qajar Dynasty in Iran (1796–1925)
The Barakzay Dynasty in Afghanistan (1747–1929)
Saudia Arabia: The Wahhabi Dynasty (1735– )
Rulers of Egypt (1811–1953)
The Manchu (Qing) Dynasty (1796–1912)
Japanese Emperors (1867– )
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